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Recent Work

I am currently a Full Stack Designer at Bright Health, in the Austin, TX office. As a part of this team we are working to create a health insurance offering that aims to "Make healthcare right. Together." My responsibilities include user experience optimization and user interface design on all of the digital products, sites, tools and prototypes. We work with a design thinking iterative approach to rapidly create products and continually improve them. In addition to my standard design tasks I have worked with the engineering team to create a repeatable set of patterns and components in a clean and concise Pattern Library. Outside of my design efforts, I have worked with various other teams including engineering, marketing and content creation to create internal processes to improve the workflow of this rapidly growing startup.

The Tweeted Times
A Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to improve web news aggregation. The concept was to develop a Twitter fed news and information aggregator based on a given users interests via their Twitter feed. I came up with this concept and started to develop it but as it progressed I discovered The Tweeted Times. It was an existing platform with a similar concept, however lacked the style, design, platform and support an app of this manner should accommodate. So I took their heavily lacking platform and redesigned it to accomodate more features and devices.

Please explore my process:

Tweeted Times - Multiphone
Tweeted Times - Ipads

Sharing Seconds
A campaign

The goal of this campaign was to use technology to improve the quality of life for the homeless population in San Francisco. The concept was to pervent food waste and to provide more meals to these people. A large number of tech companies, start ups, and various companies have food catered 5 days a week, and a large portion of that is wasted. The concept was to create a very simple platform for these companies to donate their excess to local homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Please explore my process:

Sharing Seconds - imac
Sharing Seconds - iPhone
Sharing Seconds - iPad Pro

S2 Performance Training
Branding & Consulting

S2 Performance Training is a Police Academy Preparedness Training program in Long Beach, California. We worked together to produce an identity system that they could use in print and online. Additionally I serverd as a consultant on the design of their website as well as designed various print and apperal solutions for them.

Please explore the products:

S2 Performace print and apparel

Logo Designs

Screaming Monkey - Logo Design Concept
Refeed - Logo Design Concept
Square - Logo Design Concept
TCB Courier - Logo Design Concept
The Wild Few - Logo Design
Shop Talk Show - Logo Design Concept
Wooga - Logo Design Concept
Syndicate Barbershop - Logo Design Concept
Taylor Stitch - Logo Design Concept
AOL - Logo Design Concept
Gourmet Magazine - Logo Design Concept
Oregon Football - Logo Design Concept

Some Fun Stuff
The Traveler's Memorandum

In addition to standard web and interface design, I enjoy pursuing and learning other means of creativity. One of those projects was the creation of a small run of handmade notebooks. The theme of these 7 notebooks was to create a very unique traveler's notebook. Think Field Notes, but with a handmade leather bound cover. Additionally I designed and letterpressed a short motivational story throughout the book. This was not only to provide the user a great experience, but also to remind them why they are doing what they are doing. This was truly an amazing project for me, both during the creative process but also in learning and utilizing a traditional letterpress.

Traveler's Memorandum Image 1
Traveler's Memorandum Image 2
Traveler's Memorandum Image 1
Traveler's Memorandum Image 2